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Janice Jamison - Longarm Machine Quilting

  • Longarm Machine Quilting: edge to edge. All-over designs and free motion.
  • Binding, basting, presentations and lectures, quilting classes.
  • Memory and special occasion quilts, t-shirt, photo, clothing.
  • School Projects: In classroom classes, raffle and auction Quilts.
  • Finishing incomplete quilts.
  • Quilt gift accessories: pillow cases, pillows, quilt tote bag, labels.

Quilting services:

Edge to Edge Quilting (Pantograph) - Is a continuous pattern that is quilted from one edge to the other, it covers the entire quilt top including the border.

Basting – Loosely connects the quilt top, batting and the backing to complete the quilt sandwich in preparation for hand quilting.

Custom Quilting – Is anything other than edge to edge. It may include custom patterns, sashes, block and borders. It’s an Imagination Enhancement process. I like to call it “The Dream Maker Process”.

Threads – Cotton is used.

All work is done in a Smoke and Pet Free Environment.

All work is quilted in the condition in which it was received and be free of defects as your original work will allow. Please do not pre-baste your quilt. Keep the Top, the Batting, and the Backing separate. Indicate whether the TOP or BACKING is DIRECTIONAL.

The quilt backing and batting should be a minimum of 4” larger than the finished quilt. Example: 60x63 = 64x67.

  • You may provide your batting or I can provide it for you at a cost.
  • Binding is hand-sewn at a cost of .17 cents per inch for straight binding or .19 cents per inch for bias binding.
  • Binding sewn to one side at .07 cents per inch. (for you to finish)
  • Seam backing is $5.00 - $8.00 per seam.
  • Hanging sleeve is .17 cents per inch.
  • Call or Email for basting and custom work estimates.